About Us

Sensory Technology Ltd are providers of a wide range of Sensory Environments including Sensory Rooms,  Gardens, Pools and Soft Play Areas. With the addition of Sensor Floor, we can provide engaging and interactive experiences – ideal for curriculum-based learning which is suited to all abilities. The system is Designed, Developed, Installed and Supported by Sensory Technology and is only available through us.

Sensory Technology Ltd is a group of talented individuals who came together in 2004. The vision was to produce reliable equipment within the Sensory Market. Providing superior service and aftercare support. Over the years Sensory Technology Ltd has worked with a wide range of clients, from simple mail orders through to fully designed and installed sensory environments.

Sensory Technology Ltd - Design, installtion and sales of floor projection systems, sensory rooms, sensory gardens, sensory pools and soft play areas

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