Sensor Floor is the interactive video floor systems available exclusively available from Sensory Technology Ltd.  Interactive video floor are incredibly engaging.  They are found in a range of settings including care and education but are also very popular in the leisure and retail sector.

They are great for active users to move around interacting with the sensory surface.  By moving they can play the games which can be both fun and educational.  Due to the way the system works the interactive sensory surface is extremely safe.  There are no wires at ground level, just a mat, which can be fitted or left loose as required.

All the sensing is done from above, keeping it out the way of the user.  This is extremely useful for public settings to stop vandalism but is mainly beneficial is education and care settings where using may have a raised emotional state such as clients with SEBD, EBD or ASD.

Our system uses two screens, the floor projector that the users interacts with, but also a second display for control.  There is no need for a wireless keyboard, trying to control menus on the floor.  Our touchscreen  interface allows easy navigation and control of the system.

We also include other methods of control, including a supervisor wireless remote, keyboard and swipe cards, which are extremely useful for creating user specific playlist with easy single swipe playback.  We offer full training and a comprehensive user guide and can also look at enabling a remote support function so should you have any issues we can quickly and easily rectify them for you with minimum disruption.

The system includes well over 250 games as standard, not additional extras to get the most from the system from the start.  Games are also easy created, with all parameter easily configured.  You can even have the option for branding layers to allow for business or organisation logos if required.

All our systems are installed by our own employed engineers, and the software is developed by ourselves, meaning our customer support is as good as it gets.  

Special requirements including integration with external devices such as LED lighting our whole sensory room control are all possible. With our wide range of installation hardware including projector mounts and lockable cabinets we are confident we can fulfil your requirements.

Interactive Floor – The Main Features

Easy Control

Choose from Keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, remote, swipecard or Ipad App

Safe to Use

Nothing to pick up and nothing to break - ideal for challenging spaces and curious users.

Specially Designed

Designed for all skill levels. A fully inclusive learning resource with a fun dimension.


Add additonal extensions due to external device control. Immersive learning at its best.

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