Interactive Floor Integration

Sensor Floor has a range of specially designed features to allow it to not only be an interactive floor system like the others, but more importantly features that allow for it to be easily controlled, managed and a key feature of a more immersive learning environment.

This short section show you some of the Sensor Floor key features. It should give you a good understanding as to how easy the system is to control and configure, but also the potential of the system taking a central role in a larger size project for greater educational benefits.

External System Control

As the product was specially designed for educational settings, it seemed a good idea to continue to think outside the box, and because of this we added one of the most important features to the Sensor Floor system.

The beauty of Sensor Floor is its ability to connect to external devices, be it another PC, projector or RS232 controlled devices, a full range of equipment can be interfaced, and the best of all, interacted with.

A good example of this is a simple game, the Sensor Floor projects six coloured squares, when activated by the user, the system says the colour over the speakers and the name of the colour appears on the floor - but with this, we can then change the entire colour of a room, bubble tubes, fibre optics - well actually - pretty much anything you want.

This feature, in a sensory room or Sensory Venue makes for a greater level of user interaction. It can be as simple or as complex as you want. We are confident that this positions Sensor Floor as not only a great stand alone interactive floor, but as a unique and highly configurable component for high technology learning applications.

Sensor Floor – The Many Ways to Control

Sensor Floor has been designed to help supervisors and carers to get the most out of the system. We have thought about and witnessed limitations in a whole range of educational software and interactive floors. Our aim was to provide simple control, that no matter the level of technical ability, will allow for the most to be achieved. Making the best of your investment.

The system was designed around a touch screen GUI (graphical user interface). With the age of touch screen devices, this seemed a logical step, as many people not using PC's on a regular occasion do tend to forget how to use them. On the other hand they use tablets and smartphones on a regular basis.

The Touch Screen allows control of all sections of the Sensor Floor software. From game selection, playlist creation, though to volume control and even turning on and off the projector, the touch screen is the central control point for the system.

All sections are graphically indicated with easily recognisable images. Games are also displayed as images, where a screen capture of the game is taken to allow the supervisor to quickly spot them.

With the use of playlists, you have the ability to create curriculum, task or user specific combinations of games. These are then easily navigated using the hand held remote and can even be triggered using the swipe card system.

Sensor Floor™ also comes with a combined keyboard and mouse to allow for game set-up and access of other programs on the PC. Games and playlists can be set up by touch screen as well, but some may find it easier for long periods to use standard PC peripherals.

The scheduling function also allows for playlist to be timed to activate on certain days and times. Great for areas where the system can be set and left, such as corridors and entrances.